The Marlins are playing the Zephyrs today. First time there’s been a MLB team in New Orleans in 13 years.

Throwback Thursday – About a Saints Softball Event at Zephyr Field

Mom: Did Febreeze show up to the thing the other day?
Me: I have no idea what you’re talking about.
Mom (laughing uncontrollably): I didn’t mean Febreeze.
Me: Oh, you meant Drew Brees?

Occupational hazards.

This next story is going to sound unbelievable, but you better believe it.

On Thursday, we were trying to move furniture from our basketball arena into our office. I had my student worker carrying a bookcase and I was carrying the shelves.

When the elevator got to the third floor, I let Ian out first (because what he was carrying was much bigger) and when I tried to  get out of the elevator, I dropped the shelves in the threshold. 

As I was trying to get the shelves moved, the elevator started buzzing because the door had been opened too long. It started forcing itself closed and I could do nothing to stop it.

The doors squashed my arm. I yanked it out.

Long story short, I’m in a splint up to my elbow with some possibly torn ligaments but no broken bones.

Occupational hazards.

They’re everywhere.

Avoid scurvy.

Something that is always very prominent in athletic departments is the lack of nutrition that one gets when it’s busy. You eat what is at the ballpark (if anything) and if you get offered a free meal, you take it no matter what it is.

Yesterday I had to go buy a smoothie because I couldn’t remember the last time I ate a fruit and having blueberries and bananas in liquid form seemed like the best way to ensure that I don’t get scurvy.

Hopefully this summer I will be able to eat a little better.


Don’t think that because you are out of school and are in a working environment that you won’t have to deal with fire drills.

Like today. When we had to evacuate the building three times.

No, there was no actual fire, and no, it wasn’t planned (we had our planned fire drill a few weeks ago).

Turns out that if there is enough steam in the football locker room, it will set the alarms off. And if the football team continues to shower excessively, they will go off repeatedly. Luckily for us, it’s a nice day (80 degrees, in fact), and most people enjoy getting away from their desks for 10 minutes every now and then (maybe not three times in one day, though).

Time to get a new ventilation system!