June 9th. I love it.

What a crazy week. I’m so glad it’s over!

First thing up this week, my new site. I love it. I’ve been debating on whether or not I should buy my own domain name. After doing extensive research, I figured it wouldn’t be a bad idea. My first thought was to just link my Tumblr blog to my domain name, which I did at first, but I’m trying to get away from Tumblr – it’s not what it used to be.  That’s when I started looking for new sites. I’ve used Weebly in the past, and I like the ease of access and editing, and I customized my site enough that I was happy with it. All I really wanted was to have both of my blogs on the same site, anyway.

I love it.

Next up,  doing laundry. I love it. I usually only have to do one load per week, but this week I have to do two. That’s what’s got me excited. I got so dirty, sweaty, and disgusting this weekend from working a high school baseball tournament, that my clothes stood no chance of staying clean. I went in every morning, and within 10 minutes of be being at the stadium, I was covered in dirt – the mound tarps are slimy in the morning and I had to get everything ready by myself. I used the skills I learned in the Dan Stricko School of Field Maintenance to prepare three mounds every morning and keep them up during the day after 5 games per day. That was really the only thing I liked about working this weekend.

I love it.

Finally, seeing Aaron Laffey play. I love it. He’s been my favorite left-handed pitcher for a while now, and when I saw that the Isotopes were coming to NOLA, I was excited. I was lucky enough to get to see him pitch 7 innings, only giving up one run on two hits. He got the win overall; not too shabby. I didn’t get a chance to talk to him because of the 18 games I had to oversee this week, but he knows I was rooting for him!

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.


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