The Power of Deduction

I deal with a lot of people on a day to day basis, and it boggles my mind to think how some people have no deduction skills.

I’d like to think that I have above average deduction skills. Clearly, I’m no Sherlock Holmes (although I can say that I study him and his works quite a bit in an attempt to learn more) but with my patience and my introverted-ness, I have a the ability to figure things out easily.

I focus a lot on body language and details. I can tell by the way you are with someone whether you like them or not. I know if you are uncomfortable in a situation. I know when you haven’t been listening and try to come in during an on-going conversation. I take the time to figure out how things work or what is wrong before going and asking other people what to do.

I owe a lot of these skills to my social anxiety. I often sit on the outskirts of social situations and conversations which gives me a lot of time to observe. I prefer to be there – I usually have nothing to say anyway. I guess a little bit of the credit should also go to “Lie to Me”, a show that I watch in full every three months which also leads to spurts of body-language studying and research.


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