Jason Segel never got to meet me.

I’ve had some pretty crazy dreams lately. This is by far the most memorable.

It started off when I was at school which was actually similar to Jacob’s Field but completely covered (don’t ask why). I was walking around the “halls” and overheard that Jason Segel would be making an appearance and would be arriving any minute.

Obviously, I went to look for him.

And I found him.

But I couldn’t talk to him.

He was surrounded by his friends and Walter (his Muppet brother from his upcoming movie). I decided I would give him a little space and wait to talk to him until the meet and greet. Naturally, I went to get in line so I would be first to meet him.

The tricky thing about the setup for this meet and greet was that Jason was on the ground but those of us interested in meeting him actually had to walk onto this platform (kind of like a riser that you’d use in choir concerts and what-not) then walk back off. I wasn’t having a problem with this until out of nowhere, my former best friend from kindergarten that I don’t speak to anymore came charging at me and pushed me off the platform (which was about five feet high).

I tumbled to the ground and started crying because of the pain I was in. My current hall director, Carly, came over to help me. Next thing I know I have this weird back brace on and the EMTs are taking me away in an ambulance.

I never got to meet Jason Segel.

It’s a sad story and not at all true (except for the never meeting Jason Segel part because that really hasn’t ever happened).


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