July 14th. I love it.


First thing up this week, baseball camp. I love it. Now, even though I could not participate fully in baseball camp, I did take in a little bit of the action while sitting in the dugout. It was hot and it rained everyday at the end of camp, but I think the kids had fun. I wish I could help out like I used to with the Captains, but maybe next year.

I love it.

Next thing up, chocolate covered popcorn. I love it. I was in the mood for something sweet but I actually didn’t really have anything in the house so I took the opportunity to make my first batch of popcorn since moving back to New Orleans.  I used white chocolate which is something I’ve never done, but it turned out good. I only made a small bit but it will probably last me the rest of the week.

I love it.

Finally, monster movies. I love it. I’m usually not a fan of scary movies, but I can handle monster movies because most of the time they are so out there that it’s not even scary. Besides, my nightmares can’t get worse than they already are. Most of the movies I watched were about sharks or werewolves. I think in total, I got through at least 12 movies since Friday. Not bad.

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.


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