Throwback Thursday – July 25th.

Originally posted July, 2012.

It’s always nice to come home to EMS taking away a dead body from one of the apartments below mine.


I’ve noticed that the staircase by my apartment has smelled terrible since Monday but I didn’t think anything of it. Apparently I should have, though, because after pulling into the parking lot right behind the ambulance, I saw them heading towards my apartment. They went straight to one of the apartments below mine. The maintenance guy and somebody else was waiting for them.

I instantly got freaked out.

EMS set their stuff up on the staircase (which is where I needed to go) so I stood at the bottom for a minute until I could sneak by. The smell coming from the apartment was horrendous (and I thought what was in the staircase was bad).

Being the nosy person that I can be (from behind the safety of my door), I listened to the girl with EMS question some guy, asking when the last time he saw his friend was, about the guy’s medical history and all of the usual stuff.

Then I heard her use the word “mummified” when talking to the other EMS guy; they were discussing what to write in the report.


Who knows how long this person was dead in their apartment. I don’t know what happened, but all I do know is that my apartment smells mildly like death.

In conclusion, if you don’t hear from me every day or two, please make sure I’m still alive.


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