August 18th. I love it.

What a week.

First thing I love this week: cooler weather. I love it. Everyone thought we were going to get hit by a tropical storm this week, but it turns out all that really happened is we got hit by a cold front. The weather has been so good! I’ve had my screen door open the past few days and it has been glorious.

I love it.

Next up, “Canary”. I love it. My teacher from high school just had the book she wrote released so of course I had to read it! It was a great book! It brings up a lot of issues that kids face these days and I was cheering on the main character the entire time! It was a really quick read (or maybe I was just to into it).Now I’ve moved on to finally finishing “A Series of Unfortunate Events” – 3 more to go!

I love it.

Finally, having Scout in the house. I love it. Scout is a dog that I have been watching this week. I “borrowed” her from the Jefferson animal shelter to see if she likes me (and from what I can tell, she loves me). So far she’s crate and house trained, can sit, and we’re working on her leash walking. Like when I was watching Rey, I feel much more comfortable in my house and I’ve been doing things I wouldn’t do – like leaving my house more than once a day. This week, she’ll probably become officially a member of my family; Auggie is gonna be so excited! Haha.

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.

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