September 1st. I love it.

Listen, people. I am a busy girl…so my mom is pinch hitting and writing my blog for me this week. Thanks, wonderful, wonderful mother of mine!

First up this week, my New Orleans family.  How grateful I am to have such a crazy bunch of wonderful people, a toddler and misc. pets that love me and take such good care of me since my Ohio family is so far away. And, it makes my Ohio family feel better to know that I have them.  My Ohio family is pretty fabulous, but these guys are a close second!  

I love it!

Next up, my new friend,Scout!  Yes, she sheds and has bad breath (some of my people friends suffer the same issues) but she is helping me in more ways that I thought one little dog could.  We are quite an incredible team…I might even ask my mom to make Scout a cape so my trusty sidekick and I can look like the superheroes we truly are!

I love it!

Finally, life in general.  Who would have thought that I would have this great life! I spent 4 years kicking BGSU’s butt, I found my own internships, found my own places to live, traveled across the country alone, pursued the job I wanted – got that job and am kicking that job’s butt, made aforementioned great friends, and have made a nice life for myself.  I have plans in the works for new and exciting adventures and I know those things will all happen, too.  Even when things aren’t going the way I thought they would or I am having a not-great day or week, I seem to pull through.  I have made my parents very proud and they love and miss me so very much. I miss them and love them too! I think I will call them and tell them that soon! Anyway…

I love it! It’s great! Everything’s great!

I love it!


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