This is a trending topic on Twitter today because it’s the 12th anniversary of the terrorist attacks in NYC.

And I can tell you exactly where I was.

I was walking to my 5th period class when Traci Arcaro asked me if I’d heard. I had no idea what she was talking about. She told me that World War III had started. I walked into Mr. Chase’s room super confused and worried.

I can’t imagine being in Mr. Chase’s shoes and trying to explain to a bunch of 6th graders what was going on, but he laid it out for us, telling us what he knew, not to worry, and that everything was fine here. 

By the end of the day, no one could talk about anything else, but teachers tried to get everyone to focus on anything else. We watched a movie in my math class instead of doing work. My mom picked me up from school at the end of the day and for the following days/weeks I did everything I could to avoid seeing it on TV or talking about it (although Mr. Grieg felt the need to bring it up in Social Studies almost everyday).

12 years later, I wonder how I would have handled the situation now. What would I have done if this happened today? How would I have reacted?



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