September 22nd. I love it.

You know the drill.

First thing up this week, my audience. I love it. When I am home, chances are I have Pandora blasting and my audience (Auggie and Scout) love listening to me sing. At least, I think they do because I’ve never gotten a complaint out of either of them. Lately my song has been “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.” Very fitting considering the things that both of my pets do for me everyday including but not limited to waking me up during nightmares, getting me out of the house, and acting as a calming influence when I am about to lose it.

I love it.

Next up, overtime. I love it. Now, while I would prefer a day or two off, I can’t complain about the extra money I’m making. Let’s face it, 25 hours of overtime is quite a bit of a bonus when I get paid on Friday.

I love it.

Finally, “The Awesomes”. I love it. The Hulu original show has two of my favorite things: Seth Meyers and Superheroes. I spent yesterday catching up on the episodes that I’ve missed and absolutely love it. It’s a little off beat but highly entertaining. Is it as good as “Superhero Squad?” The jury is still out.

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.

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