October 6th. I love it.

Love. Love. Love.

First up this week, the Hullabaloo. I love it. Correction. I love that it’s over. Now, from what I hear, this was a relatively painless year for activities. Setup went well, everyone seemed happy, and we were out of there by 11pm. It’s just the lead up to it that I didn’t like – everyone is running around freaking out and worrying. Chill people! It will all work out!

I love it.

Next up, Skyping. I love it. Lately I’ve been Skying with my family a lot. The other day, I spent two hours talking to my mom and sister while they watched the Indians-Rays game because I couldn’t. Of course there were moments of silence, but I’m completely okay with that.

I love it.

Finally, seeing old friends. I love it. Today I rode the streetcar downtown to meet up with Leslie, Trevor, and baby Liana. I had a great time! We ate at Grand Isle where I had a gator sausage po-boy, then we walked down to the French Market and I won a free Praline because I knew where the Mafia started (New Orleans, of course – why else would they have asked it?). Then I successfully rode the streetcar back uptown to my car that didn’t have a ticket or a boot and was still in tact. Overall, a very successful day.

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.


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