October 20th. I love it.

I’m glad to report that this week was better than last week so I’ve got plenty to love.

First up, burger bowls. I love it. It’s exactly what it sounds like. An burger in a bowl. Add pickles, lettuce, onions, and ketchup, and you’ve got the finished product. The inspiration came from having no burger buns in the house and a bunch of meat that I needed to use. It’s like a burger chipotle!

I love it.

Next up, hanging with Rey. I love it. Since I had this weekend off, and I didn’t want to be alone on Saturday, I asked Jose and Diana if I could borrow Rey (and they said yes because they are such good friends). We ate lunch at City Park, took a long walk, went to help fix an exploding washing machine at work, read on my porch, and took a nap. Sometimes, just having someone around (like Rey) can make you’re day better.

I love it.

Finally, not using the air conditioning. I love it. This week has been so nice, I haven’t had the air on. I’ve been keeping my sliding glass door open and wearing sweatshirts and sweatpants (and yes, it’s only in the lower 70s, but I’m from Louisiana – I can’t do the cold anymore). What I’m most excited about is having a lower electric bill because it was insane during the summer.

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.

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