November 3rd. I love it.

Holy November, Batman!

First up this week, my keyboard. I love it. While my dad was here, he was kind enough to buy me a new keyboard. Shipping my piano down here didn’t seem possible and my keyboard back home I’ve had since I was 8. Time for an upgrade, no doubt. This one come with lessons on it so I can learn songs and I can also plug in my iPod or iPad and play along to my music. How cool is that?

I love it.

Next up, Iron Man 3. I love it. I know what you’re thinking; “Carolyn, you’re such a huge superhero fan, how have you not seen it already?” I have an explanation. Work. I was much busier this summer that I had imagined and time just got away from me. I’ve seen it now because of the library and I don’t plan on waiting this long to see the new Thor movie. By the way, I still haven’t seen “Man of Steel” yet either. I didn’t go to the movies at all this summer. Working on that, though.

I love it.

Finally, my blog. Yes, this blog. My “I love it” blog has officially been online for three years. I haven’t missed a week of love at all (but I’ve made a few close calls like today because work interferes, but I manage). Thanks to all of those that read this religiously and even those that just stumble on it from time to time.

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.


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