November 24th. I love it.

I can’t believe I survived this week!

First up, watchinig football. I love it. Today was the first time all season that I had a chance to watch football. All day. Non-stop. I started off with the Carolina game, then saw the end of the Packers game. Now I’m watching the Giants game. Lately I’ve had events on Sunday, so I  had to catch up later in the day. Sad to say it, but there will probably be very few days like this until Christmas.

I love it.

Next up, pajama days. I love it. Today I decided it was too cold to do anything but stay in the house in my pajamas. So that’s what I did. I woke up, took the dog out (in my pajamas, went back to bed, woke up again, took the dog out again, then started watching football. Not a bad way to spend a Sunday if I do say so myself.

I love it.

Finally, the new section on my website. I love it. If you take a look, you’ll see there is now a tab for “My Pretend Friends”. This is where I”m going to talk about my favorite TV shows and movies and actors because no one wants to talk to me about it, so I’ll just write it down. I called it “My Pretend Friends” because if  they knew who I was, we’d be best friends; and I talk about them like they are my friends.

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.

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