Then and Now

Lately, I’ve been really missing the old days. When I say old days, I don’t mean way back when… I mean last year. I miss living in my old apartment with nothing.

Crazy right?

I look around my house now and I have so much. And I’m thankful for it. I can never complain I’m bored or have nothing to do. I have a TV, keyboard, bed, couch, shelves, tons of movies… but is it a little too much?

Last year, I lived off of basically nothing. I had an air mattress, a TV, my laptop, a chair, and a tent. And I loved it. It was great. I could spread out on the floor, had very little to clean, and there was so much room for activities! I didn’t put much into that apartment because I knew it was a short term thing. I didn’t want to get comfortable only to be ripped from it’s grasp and moved somewhere else.

That’s not the case for my current apartment. In order to make myself less homesick, I’ve put a lot of work into making this place feel like home. It actually looks like someone (and their dog) live here and it’s not just a squatter waiting to be kicked out.

Check out how my living situation has changed:

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