December 1st. I love it.

Holy, December!

First up this week? Skype. I love it. I know I say that a lot, but it’s such a great thing; I can talk to my family that is a thousand miles away and pretend I’m with them. For example, on Thanksgiving, I got to eat dessert with my family (even though I just had ice cream and I had to listen to them rave about my grandma’s desserts). I even played them a few holiday tunes on my keyboard.
I love it.
Next up, cheap movies. I love it. I didn’t really go shopping on Black Friday, although I made an appearance at Walmart to get food. Of course they always put the cheap movies up front so as you’re waiting in line you can’t help but look at them and I’m glad I did. I got “Serenity: Limited Edition” on Blu-Ray and “Parkland” on DVD. Love them both because they’re two of my favorite things – science fiction and “based on real events.” Zac Efron will never hurt, though.
I love it.
Finally, having time to read. I love it. I’ve been so busy lately, my weekly “read one book” goal has gone by the wayside. It doesn’t help when you’re dog eats the book you’re currently reading (apparently Levi didn’t want me to finish “Red Pyramid” by Rick Riordan).  Now i”m reading “Quest for a King” which goes through all of the theories of King Arthur.

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