Is it just me?

The other day I was walking Levi at the park. It’s a small park – it only has a 1/10 mile walking track and a small playground. I take Levi there so we can go  to the edge of the park and he can go off-leash (which you aren’t supposed to do, but no one is ever really there).

As we were leaving, there were two boys, probably ages 12 and 10, playing football, kicking the ball back and forth. I was thinking to myself, “That’s nice. Those kids just got out of school and they head to the park to play outside.”

Then the older kid caught the football, paused, grabbed his phone out of his pocket, and was  glued to the screen for about a minute. This prompted the other kid to grab his phone and do the same thing.

What happened to playing outside and enjoying it? What happened to not caring about anything but being with your friends?

Kids these days (yes, I said it), don’t know what it’s like to be kids. In my day, the only time you took a break from playing was when your mom brought lemonade outside for you and your friends or you had to leave. That’s it. There was none of this “Dude, look was Shelby posted online” or “I can’t believe Max is in California!” and sharing phones and looking at youtube videos non-stop.


You didn’t care about what other people were doing because you didn’t know. You weren’t jealous of your friends and where they were because you were happy doing what you were doing.

Everyone is so connected these days it almost makes me wish we could go back to the days when asking your mom and dad to use the phone meant you wanted to call your friend, not play video games. To the days when you finished your homework as fast possible so you could go outside before it got dark, not watch TV for hours. To the days when people cared less about what other people were doing and more about what they were doing.

What do you think?

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