It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

Okay, so I’m in Louisiana, so it doesn’t really look like Christmas (it has been really cold here lately, though) but with some help from Christmas lights at Lafreniere Park, Levi and I are starting to feel the holiday spirit. Last night, we headed to the Park to see what this “Holidays in the Park” was all about. I went in thinking there would be a few lights, you drive through it in five minutes, boom. You’re done.

Not the case (although you could make it happen that way if you wanted).

If you choose not to drive through (like me) but walk through, it actually takes a little while. There is a huge display by the gazebo and light displays lining the streets featuring Megatron, Snoopy, Mr. Bingles, as well as classic Christmas songs playing!

I was smart enough to bring my own hot chocolate, but you can buy it and much more while you’re there. 

I’m glad Jefferson Parish is spreading Christmas Cheer!

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