December 22nd. I love it.

This past month has been absolutely ridiculous!

First up this week, warmer weather. I love it. I realize it’s December and in most places it’s cold, but the fact that I got to go to work almost every day this week without a jacket is pretty cool. I am really pumped to go home and spend some time in the snow, though. Levi can play in snow too!

I love it.

Next up, listening to Zachary Levi sing. I love it. He’s on Broadway performing in the musical comedy, “First Date.” I got the soundtrack from the library and it has seriously been the only thing I’ve listened to since Thursday. My favorite song is “In Love with You” in which Zac is performing solo. After hearing his voice, I can’t believe they didn’t make a musical episode of “Chuck”.

I love it.

Finally, having all of the major events of 2013 over. This weekend alone I had 5 games in two days – 4 basketball games and the New Orleans Bowl. Looking back at all of the events I’ve done this year (as well as the collection of credentials I have), I have been really busy this year; hosting the Ravens before the Superbowl, The Women’s Final Four, the Women’s NIT, The Louisiana High School State Baseball Tournament, and a bunch more. Crazy year.

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.

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