Dear movie-goers past, present, and future:

If you feel like bringing your child to a movie that might be a little to difficult for them to follow, think again. It turns out that the amount of time that you spend explaining what whiskey is, what flashbacks are, and that the people in the movie are actors, takes up more of your time than watching the movie alone would and it also disturbs the people around you that are following along perfectly fine.

Despite being a Disney movie, “Saving Mr. Banks” could probably do without the 6 year old audience that I saw today.

Next time, go see Frozen.

January 26th. I love it

What a week.

First up this week, going to the Pelicans game. I love it. In what I think was the first real adult thing I’ve done since moving away from home 2 years ago, I enjoyed a night out with people that I work with that didn’t involve anything work related. What? Who is this person? I know, right? I went to the game with Becca, Dan, and Alby thanks to Elijah and Devin for the free tickets. I didn’t even have a panic attack! Progress!

I love it.

Next up, the movies. I love it. This week we were light on the events (yay!) so I had the chance to hit the theaters twice. On Thursday (thanks to the half day Vince let me have) I saw Lone Survivor. Really, really good. Gross, but good. I’m not usually into war movies, but it was either that or “Jack Ryan” and I didn’t want to wait another hour to see a movie. Today, I went and saw “Saving Mr. Banks” with Becca. It was amazing! Such a great story! I love the way it was told (with flashbacks) and it made me feel good at the end.

I love it.

Finally, driving lifts. I love it. I will be the first to tell you that I hate driving. Anything. Cars, golf carts, anything with wheels. But this week, since Derrick is gone and I’m the only one that knows how to drive a scissor lift (seriously the only one), I got to spend a few hours driving Vince and myself around as we took down the net for the scoreboard at baseball for repairs. The taking down wasn’t the bad part – the putting it back up sucked (even with big, strong Rob’s help). Anywoo, after spending so much time on the lift, I definitely feel more comfortable with it now. Will that translate into other things?

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.

January 19th. I love it.

I apologize in advance for the somewhat sarcastic remarks I am about to make.

First of all,  working overtime. I love it. I make pretty good money with an extra 20 hours of overtime every week. I mean, I gotta feed the dog somehow, right? Who needs to clean the house or eat dinner or do laundry? Not this girl. I get to come home and do nothing every night while making bank. How lucky am I?

I love it.

Next up, scrubbing turf. I love it. I went into work today thinking I only had to go to the tennis match but boy was I wrong. I got to spend 8 hours scrubbing the football lines off of the baseball field using basically paint thinner, a broom, and a power washer. And guess what? We didn’t finish so I get to go experience it all over again tomorrow morning!

I love it.

Finally, (and this one’s serious), my friends. I love it. Because I worked so much this week, particularly Saturday, Jose was nice enough to stop by my house a few times yesterday to let Levi out. I don’t know what I would have done without him. I appreciate the Avila family and everything they do for me.

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.

Twin love.

Yes, I am a twin.

No, I cannot read her mind.

Yes, we are very similar, but no, we are not identical.

Brittany is left handed. She is an excellent artist and far exceeds me in social skills. I am right handed, can bake just about anything, and possess organizational skills that most people would kill for. We are both athletic, love sports and competing (especially against each other), are avid readers and writers, obsessive movie watchers, and would rather play outside that do just about anything else.

Having a twin is great; you always have a team mate or an opponent. You always have someone to bounce ideas off of or share the blame. You always have someone else to talk to.

But it’s not all amazing; we shared a phone until we were 18 and a car until we were 21 (and that only changed because I moved to Arizona). We shared a room until we were 17. We can get on each others nerves and be oh-so totally mad at the each other, but it blows over pretty quickly because let’s be honest, you can’t stop talking to someone that you’re always around for more than a few minutes.

We will always have each other’s backs. It’s always been that way. When my friends in middle school didn’t want her to room with us on the 8th grade trip? I told them too bad and roomed with two other people. When Brittany was doing a project that made her sit at a certain table for lunch for a week, did she desert me? No, she got her teacher to let me join them. Does she warn me when I have “devil eyebrows” or something in my teeth? Yes. Do we give each other advise, even when it isn’t asked for? Always.

I may not always agree with her and her decisions, but I will always have her back.

 Even if I live 1000 miles away.

January 12th. I love it.

Yay, Sunday!

First up this week, “The Best of Jimmy Fallon.” I love it. This week, Jimmy had a special that recapped all of the great moments during his time at Late Night. The two hour special included “History of Rap”, “Real People, Fake Arms”, and all of the fun song parodies he’s done. I think my favorite moments are always the games he plays with his guests (Egg Roulette). I’m glad my dad told me it would be one (and I’m also glad  that I didn’t have any events that day – or this week for that matter).
I love it.
Next up, “The Room”. I love it. It’s my new favorite game for the iPad. It’s a puzzle game where there are different boxes that you have to unlock using codes and hidden chambers with clues and notes from the person that created the box. It’s really addicting – that what I do during my lunch break at work. So if you’re looking for a game, try it. They even have “The Room 2” now, but I’ll wait til I beat the first one.
I love it.
Finally, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.” I love it. I really, really love it. So much so that it might be one of my favorite books now. Once I started reading it, it was so hard to put down – it only took me about 4 hours to read total. I love the way it’s written (in the form of letters) and I love the voice of the main character. I want to write a book like that one day. Now I just need to get a go


  1. Watch a new movie every week (on Netflix, at the theater, or from the library).
  2. Read 52 books (hopefully I can get to one a week).
  3. Train Levi to sit without bribing him with food (he is such a stubborn dog).
  4. Be more active on social media (I’ve been working on this for a while).
  5. Drink more water (let’s not waste the calories).
  6. Make dinner at home more often (anyone have crock pot recipes?).
  7. Be more spontaneous (make lasting lifelong memories).
  8. Don’t complain about work (I am lucky to have such a cool job).
  9. Ask people to do more things (I don’t have to do everything alone).
  10. Do more of what makes me happy and don’t worry about what other people think (be-you-tiful… see what I did there?).

January 5th. I love it.

No more vacation, but still lots to love.

First up, “Midnight Memories.” I love it. This is One Direction’s newest CD and after enjoying watching them perform on SNL, I decided to try it out. It is great. Big fan. Not afraid to say it. My favorite songs are “Through the Dark” and “Story of My Life” which also happen to be the songs the sang on SNL. Totally hooked right now. You should totally give it a listen!

I love it.

Next up, having entire days to read. I love it. Starting next week, the days where I don’t have to work are very few and far between (like, no days off until Easter busy), so yesterday I spent the entire day doing nothing. Actually, I feel like I did a lot because I was on such an emotional roller coaster while I read “Catching Fire.” By the end of the day (yes I read it in one day), I was exhausted. Now I can see the movie this week before it leaves theaters.

I love it.

Finally, Seth on Time Magazine’s cover. I love it. I was very surprised to see it because I still like to think that he’s my favorite and no one else’s because I liked him way before he got so popular and was slated to take the helm of “Late Night” (I mean, he is the reason why I started writing my “I love it” blog anyway). Did I sound like a hipster right there? Anyway, I’m as excited to see him on Time as I was to see my other favorite, Jimmy Fallon, on Rolling Stone (and it took me days to find an issue of that and now I have three.” I may need to frame the pictures because, just like Seth, I liked Jimmy way back when (like Fever Pitch way back when when people thought he was a terrible actor).

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.