1. Watch a new movie every week (on Netflix, at the theater, or from the library).
  2. Read 52 books (hopefully I can get to one a week).
  3. Train Levi to sit without bribing him with food (he is such a stubborn dog).
  4. Be more active on social media (I’ve been working on this for a while).
  5. Drink more water (let’s not waste the calories).
  6. Make dinner at home more often (anyone have crock pot recipes?).
  7. Be more spontaneous (make lasting lifelong memories).
  8. Don’t complain about work (I am lucky to have such a cool job).
  9. Ask people to do more things (I don’t have to do everything alone).
  10. Do more of what makes me happy and don’t worry about what other people think (be-you-tiful… see what I did there?).

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