Twin love.

Yes, I am a twin.

No, I cannot read her mind.

Yes, we are very similar, but no, we are not identical.

Brittany is left handed. She is an excellent artist and far exceeds me in social skills. I am right handed, can bake just about anything, and possess organizational skills that most people would kill for. We are both athletic, love sports and competing (especially against each other), are avid readers and writers, obsessive movie watchers, and would rather play outside that do just about anything else.

Having a twin is great; you always have a team mate or an opponent. You always have someone to bounce ideas off of or share the blame. You always have someone else to talk to.

But it’s not all amazing; we shared a phone until we were 18 and a car until we were 21 (and that only changed because I moved to Arizona). We shared a room until we were 17. We can get on each others nerves and be oh-so totally mad at the each other, but it blows over pretty quickly because let’s be honest, you can’t stop talking to someone that you’re always around for more than a few minutes.

We will always have each other’s backs. It’s always been that way. When my friends in middle school didn’t want her to room with us on the 8th grade trip? I told them too bad and roomed with two other people. When Brittany was doing a project that made her sit at a certain table for lunch for a week, did she desert me? No, she got her teacher to let me join them. Does she warn me when I have “devil eyebrows” or something in my teeth? Yes. Do we give each other advise, even when it isn’t asked for? Always.

I may not always agree with her and her decisions, but I will always have her back.

 Even if I live 1000 miles away.

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