January 26th. I love it

What a week.

First up this week, going to the Pelicans game. I love it. In what I think was the first real adult thing I’ve done since moving away from home 2 years ago, I enjoyed a night out with people that I work with that didn’t involve anything work related. What? Who is this person? I know, right? I went to the game with Becca, Dan, and Alby thanks to Elijah and Devin for the free tickets. I didn’t even have a panic attack! Progress!

I love it.

Next up, the movies. I love it. This week we were light on the events (yay!) so I had the chance to hit the theaters twice. On Thursday (thanks to the half day Vince let me have) I saw Lone Survivor. Really, really good. Gross, but good. I’m not usually into war movies, but it was either that or “Jack Ryan” and I didn’t want to wait another hour to see a movie. Today, I went and saw “Saving Mr. Banks” with Becca. It was amazing! Such a great story! I love the way it was told (with flashbacks) and it made me feel good at the end.

I love it.

Finally, driving lifts. I love it. I will be the first to tell you that I hate driving. Anything. Cars, golf carts, anything with wheels. But this week, since Derrick is gone and I’m the only one that knows how to drive a scissor lift (seriously the only one), I got to spend a few hours driving Vince and myself around as we took down the net for the scoreboard at baseball for repairs. The taking down wasn’t the bad part – the putting it back up sucked (even with big, strong Rob’s help). Anywoo, after spending so much time on the lift, I definitely feel more comfortable with it now. Will that translate into other things?

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.

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