March 9th. I love it.

Marching forward.

First up this week, puzzles. I love it. Since I finally finished my empire state building puzzle (that took way longer than I anticipated), I bought a new one this week to work on since I didn’t have any events this weekend (yay!). This one is Disney Classics. It’s not 3D, but its 2000 pieces. Things are going very slowly but that’s the idea. I need to be occupied for a long time.

I love it.

Next up, Lego Pirates of the Caribbean. I love it. I set up my Xbox in my room this week so I could watch movies in bed. I also have spent quite a bit of time playing Lego Pirates. It’s so fun. And very addicting. It might be a dangerous thing that I can sit in bed all day on my days off, but it’s totally worth it.

I love it.

Finally, Parenthood. I love it. Only watch it if you want to cry sporadically for an hour while yelling at the TV. I mean, If Julia and Joel would just talk it out, Crosby would buy the house, Sarah would marry the doctor, and Adam and Kristina would open the school already, there wouldn’t be any problems. Seriously, though. Love this show.

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.

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