I have been trapped in my room for the lat 18 hours.

Yes, trapped.

Yesterday when I came home from work, I had this overwhelming sense of insecurity which resulted in me standing at my front door for about 45 minutes locking my front door.

Over an over again.

Needless to say, when I finally stopped (because I finally convinced myself to stop and switch to the small lock I always keep in my pocket), I decided to go my room so I wouldn’t be able to see the door anymore. I then promptly shut the door to my room (not sure why – I never shut any door in my house if I’m alone). 

Note: The reason that I keep the door to my room and bathroom open is because I am afraid to open them again after they’ve been closed for any period of time. I often fear that something has manifested in the room I can’t see. Most of the time, I think some sort of animal has made it’s way into my house and if I open the door, it will come charging at me. Yesterday, there were snakes in my living room.

That is why I’m trapped. I haven’t left my room since 4pm yesterday.

Now I’m trying to convince myself to leave.

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