Goodbye, Gordon.

So the story about why I got a new car:

For the last several weeks, the brake light on my dashboard has been flickering on and off. I ignored it for a while because I figured the car was still stopping, why should I worry about it?

Last Tuesday, the light wouldn’t go off. That’s when I decided to take it in to get the brake fluid topped off; that’s usually all they need to do anyway.

45 minutes after leaving my car at the Shell service station across the street from my office, I got the call.

The call saying that it was time for me to purchase a new car.

Apparently spending 10 years in the snow of the Midwest did a number on the frame of Gordon (that’s what I named my car after he successfully transported me across the country to Arizona in December of 2011).  It was so bad that the frame had disappeared; disintegrated into nothing but crumbs of rust that would ultimately not save me if I were ever in a crash. The only thing between my feet and the road was the carpet which was wearing away as well (this also explains why the carpet in my car would be wet when it was raining but I wasn’t in the car).

After hearing all of this, and seeing everything for myself (even though they were afraid to put it on a lift because they thought Gordon would break in half), I called my dad and broke the news. With him being so far away, I was really nervous about how to handle this. Luckily, we have connections at work and through my negotiator (Scott), I was able to get a great price on Corolla.

Now I feel better, my parents feel better, and Gordon has been put out of his misery.

One thought on “Goodbye, Gordon.

  1. RIP Gordon. May you be happier in the big highway in the sky. The place where oil is always fresh and 97 octane is free.

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