My favorite websites then and now.

Today I was thinking about the first time I remember using websites that I use all the time now.

IMDb. The first time I ever used it was to find out if Johnny Depp was really in the Terri Clark music video for “Girls Lie Too” which was released in 2006. Thanks to my brother, I found out what the website is for and now I visit the site almost everyday to see what people are working on, watch trailers, and settle bets with people in the office that don’t know who the main character in  ”Dazed and Confused” is.

Google. In fifth grade (way back in 2000), my dad came home and told me about a website that if you type your name in, articles about you will show up. I thought it was the coolest thing. I even went to school the next day to show my friends and they were amazed. I had no idea that Google was capable of more than that until later. Until that point, we were all loyal users of Yahooligans (a kid version of Yahoo), but look at us now!

YouTube. 10th grade. 2005. Mr. Wright’s class. Someone used YouTube for their presentation at the end of the semester. I had no idea what it was (and Mr. Wright didn’t either). It’s hard to believe that by the same time the next year when I took his next level class, everyone was using YouTube for everything.

Twitter. I joined in 2009 (after I briefly shared an account with my sister) because I saw people talking about it on Facebook and wanted to see what the big deal was. I also liked the idea of being able to track my favorite celebrities. Twitter and I did have a falling out for about 3 months while I was unemployed in 2012 (for those 3 months I basically got rid of all of my social media besides my blog) I came back and now I use it more than ever.

Tumblr. We can Thank John Mayer for that one. After he decided to delete his Twitter account in 2010 (I think, not sure) I followed him over to Tumblr where he started to blog quite frequently. This was before Tumblr became a place for pictures and quotes – I used to use it for my blog, but once the premise shifted, I moved on to my own site ( I still visit Tumblr to see what other people are doing but post very rarely).

I wonder what the newest thing will be.


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