His loss.

You’d think that getting the news that your grandpa just died would hit you hard. But it didn’t work that way just now when my mom called to say her dad passed away today.

I didn’t really have feelings at all.

Scratch that.

I was upset at myself. Upset at myself because I hadn’t reached out to him sooner. I’ve been doing research on where he lives, and trying to think of what I could write to him so he knows on how awesome the family that he chose to ignore is.

You see, long story short, my mom hadn’t heard from him in 24 years (yep, that’s as long as I’ve been alive). I found this appalling because let’s face it, my mom is awesome and who wouldn’t want her in their life? I wanted to point out how well she has done and how great her kids are (because we’re all pretty great).

His loss.

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