May 11th. I love it.

This was my first weekend off in two weeks and I definitely took advantage of it.

First up, new stories. I love it. With the recent death of the grandpa I’ve never met, I was given permission by my wonderful mother to turn it into a story. I don’t know if it will be book worthy, but assuming I embellish a little bit (because I need to as interesting as the story is by itself), but I hope that it will be interesting enough that a lot of people will want to read it. I spent my Friday night with my writing mountain (thanks for that skill, Mr. Chase), and have it all plotted out. Now, to write!

I love it.

Next up, the Twilight Saga. I love it. Now, this is obviously something I have never said before, but in my recent need to see anything and everything with Lee Pace in it, it brought me to Twilight. He was in the last movie, which meant that I had to watch the rest of them first so I could keep up. I didn’t realize that I had already seen the first four (I think I can thank Diana for that one), but I must say that I very much enjoyed all 9 hours of viewing. My next goal is to read all of the books. Yes, I’m caving in. Harry Potter is on the docket as well!

I love it.

Finally, “Neighbors.” I love it. Yesterday, Becca and I went to the movies to get our fix of Zac Efron. Needless to say, we were not disappointed. I thought it was hilarious, which is good because it is very hard to get me to laugh out loud at movies… unless i’m home alone and talking to myself. Too much info? Maybe.

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.

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