May 18th. I love it.

Love it.

First up this week, “Liberal Arts.” I love it. I had a lot of time to watch movies this week because I couldn’t sleep well, so on Tuesday night I stayed up late and watched movies I got from the library. “Liberal Arts” is a movie that was written and directed by Josh Radnor (HIMYM) and it basically about this guy that loves books. The best part was Zac Efron. He played this hippie dude that gives Josh advice. Quite enjoyable.

I love it.

Next up, Andy Samberg on SNL. I love it. The season finale was probably the best episode I’ve seen all season. There were so many guest appearances. I miss having Andy on the show. And Seth. And Bill. I miss them all, but I’m still watching it.

I love it.

Finally, Skype dates. I love it. On Wednesday, Brittany and I decided that we wanted to relive our glory days from college and watch “Naked Brothers Band” and eat Wendy’s. We used to do that when there would be new episode premiering. Well, since NBB isn’t on Netflix anymore, so we went for the next best thing – “Stuck in Love.” It’s a great movie that has Nat Wolff in it (from NBB) so we thought it still worked in our favor.

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.

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