Just go with it.

Whenever I get down or frustrated with work, I always keep something that Jimmy Fallon said in mind:

“I was in a bear suit, trying to do comedy. I was thinking, This is lame, this is a waste, they can’t even see my face. Then I looked over at Will Ferrell and he had metal clamps on his nipples and he was getting water thrown on him. And he was just doing it, no complaints. For me, that was a clicking moment. That this could all be a lot easier if you just go with it.” He jacks his eyebrows slightly and smiles. “It’s not: I’ve got to wear a bear suit. It’s: I get to wear a bear suit.”

I’m going to work crazy hours and not get compensated as nicely as I’d like. I’m going to have to deal with jerks and idiots on a daily basis and have to smile and take it. I’m going to get so stressed out that I have to call my dad in the middle of the day to cry on the phone. I’m going to throw out some great ideas and get ignored.

But guess what? 

I don’t have to go to work. I get to go to work at a division I school everyday. I don’t have to do the grunt work setting up for basketball games and track meets. I get to go behind the scenes at all Tulane University sporting events. I get to work some cool non-Tulane events too, like the Women’s Final Four, Special Olympics with WWE, and host Superbowl teams.

I’m getting to experience things that most people will never have the opportunity to.

I should just go with it.

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