OCD in Overdrive.

I love being psycho-analyzed. I get to sit through an hour of it every three weeks as I tell stories to my therapist and she tries to impart her wisdom upon me.

Today, I told her that my OCD is getting out of control again. That means that my list-making is overwhelming, my rituals and routines are causing me stress, and my always over-active mind will never rest.

She asked me about what’s been going on in my life in the past two weeks and I really had nothing to report.

Until I started talking about work (which is our focus area for many of our meetings).

After some tales were related, she decided that I am overcompensating because I’m afraid to make a mistake. I am regretting something that I did at work previously (which really isn’t a big deal) because I feel like it showed my weakness and was “a shot in the foot” as I’m trying to get a promotion.

In order to not make those mistakes again, I am being very vigilant in everything I do.

So now I need to stop that.


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