July 27th. I love it.

Too much to love, so I’m gonna break protocol here. This week’s love with all be part of one big pile of love!

This week was amazing! I flew out to Los Angeles on Thursday to spend the weekend with my brother so. Here’s the play by play of each day.

Friday: I hung out with Andrea in the morning and watched “Friday Night Lights” before heading to Universal Studios to see where Mike works. We ate at a really good food truck and saw Scott Palmer (from FNL funnily enough). Mike gave me a tour of the lot and I saw where About a Boy is shot (it’s one of my favorite shows). Andrea and I went back home and watched “Captains Phillips” then we went to see “Wish I was Here” at this cool little theater, followed by really good Greek street food.

I love it.

Saturday: Mike and I drove to San Diego for Nerd HQ. I had a lot of fun. We went to a panel and listened to Zachary Levi be his awesome self. I met the cast of “Grimm” and then we headed out for the day. We headed home, got sushi, and then played the Titanic board game from our childhood (in which I won – twice technically).

I love it.

Sunday: Today is my last day here and Mike and I had a full day. We went and got really good breakfast burritos and coffee, and headed downtowns. We went to The Last Bookstore, which might be the coolest place ever. We also meandered down to the “Toy District” which is pretty sketchy, but that was only while we waited for the LA Library to open (which might be the biggest library I’ve ever been in). We also found ourselves in Korea town at this cool little video game store, and got Boba tea (so good). We finished the day with Thai food (my first taste ever), and “Friends.” I had such a good time on this trip and I don’t want to leave. But that means I get to come back soon!

I love it It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.

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