August 10th. I love it.

This week still wasn’t amazing, but it beat last week by a landslide.

First up this week, hanging with Rey. I love it. Jose and Diana were out of town this weekend, so I got to chill with my best dog friend. We watched a lot of TV, napped, and enjoyed each other’s company. I love having him around at night because I sleep so much better when there is a dog smushed up next to me, breathing in my ear. If I could be a dog owner every night from 10pm to 7am, I’d be a happy girl. For now, I’ll take Rey when I can.

I love it.

Next up, softball. I love it. Rey and I were getting a little antsy on Friday, so we went to the park early for my softball game. We were the secon game of the night so I figured I’d just watch the first game. Well, as it turns out, I got to play in that game because one team was short-handed. After playing one inning in the outfield, I was moved to pitcher, but that didn’t stop the Mudbugs troubles. I gave them very playable balls to field, but they still lost. When it was time for my team (the Ninjas) to play, we had one poor inning and kept them scoreless for the rest (I was warmed up well from the first game). We run ruled the team and are now 4-1 on the season. Can you say playoffs?

I love it.

Finally, “Friday Night Lights.” I love it. I started watching this on Netflix after a recommendation from my brother and I loved it. It only took me less than two weeks to finish I was hooked. I mean, five or six episodes a day, hooked. Seasons 1-3 were my favorite, and the finale left me with so many questions. We need a reunion episode! Well, after that marathon of binge watching, I’ve decided to stick to one new series a month on Netflix as not to let everything come behind wanting to watch TV. I think next month will be season 2 of “Hemlock Grove.” Any more suggestions?

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.

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