#tbt Crazy Dream

I have very weird, sometimes scary, but always vivid dreams. I can recall almost every detail. Here’s my dream from last night:

I was at Turchin Stadium, home of Tulane baseball working another event. This day was different though because it was “Halloween Night” at ballpark so everyone was dressed in their scariest costumes. All of the event staff were dressed as The Joker from Batman.

Really creepy.

Before the game, the team was being introduced and two of the guys started getting into it – chest bumping, calling each other names, shoving. You know, the usual dramatic boy fights. I tried to sandwich myself between the players to push them off of each other but the shortstop made a run at the catcher to knock him down.

And he did.

It knocked me down, too.

I laid on the ground in the middle of the mob of athletes all yelling and angry and I cried. That’s all I could do. My body hurt from the blow it just took and I couldn’t figure out a way to get out. After most of the fisticuffs subsided, I could still feel someone’s metal cleat on my back rocking my body back and forth violently.

I cried for help for several minutes before David came and pushed the player back away. Still crying, I stood up, said nothing but “thanks” to David, and walked away.

I sat in the dugout during the game (which I never do by the way) and was still a little freaked out about my recent encounter. I decided it might be a better move for me to roam the stands.

As I walked out of the dugout, which had glass doors, two gentlemen called me over asking for help. They wanted to know where the best place to eat around the stadium was. I wasted no time in walking them down the street some to point out Jed’s (which I’ve never actually been to). They thanked me and as I turned to walk away, one of the men with big strong arms and a bald head, grabbed me in a bear hug and carried me a little ways down the sidewalk to their lair (I don’t know where it was exactly, but it was close to the ballpark).

Once we arrived, they threw me into an almost empty room that smelled like garbage on a warm day. My face was painted by the other burly man to look like “The Joker.” I cried the entire time, unsure of what the rest of this would bring. Are all of the event staff their minions? I had so many questions.

As I sat on my knees for a moment, I noticed that someone was in the room with me.

Jennifer Aniston.

Jennifer Aniston was duct taped to a chair, unable to move her limbs or speak. I went up to her calmly and said, “My names Carolyn. I’m gonna get us out of here.”

Jennifer nodded quickly, agreeing with me. I told her that I work at the stadium next door and I know a way out. I pulled out my knife from my back pocket, and quietly started to cut away the duct tape after I removed the tape from her mouth.

The escape was the easy part. The room they put us in didn’t have a lock and they weren’t keeping a look out. We managed to escape the room and climb a set of stairs that led us to a hotel; very fancy, lots of people.

“Perfect. We’ll just blend in,” I thought.

Not so much.

Apparently when you try to escape capture with Jennifer Aniston, everyone notices. Our kidnappers were quickly on our trail as we made our way back to the stadium.

We got to the ballpark safely, out of breath but unharmed. I ran up to the dugout door and knocked. David saw me and gave me a thumbs up for the “Joker” face I was wearing. Through the glass I tried yelling at him, “This isn’t a costume. We’re in trouble! We need help!”

David just kept smiling away and I was getting so distraught that I was having a hard time moving. After giving up on David, I turned around and noticed that Ms. Aniston was not there.

She must have been captured.

I ran back to the hotel lobby and looked around. I saw the goons. I froze. What do I do? Run for my life? Help Jennifer?

Just then, the goons and Jennifer walked out of the front doors. They were looking for me.I kept close to the wall and made sure to hide around the corner as they passed me. I could hear them asking people if that had seen me, so I sunk to the ground and kept my head low, trying to go unnoticed.

Until David walked by.

“Carolyn, are you playing a game?”

“No, David, I’m trying to stay alive.”

I pointed at the goons who were manhandling Jennifer Aniston and something finally clicked in David’s head that I was serious.

David got down low to the ground with me and whispered, “What can I do?”

“We need to get Jennifer from those dudes. I know where we can hide once she’s free.”

David and I ran through many scenarios of what we could do, what we should do, and what would happen if we failed.

We ultimately decided that David would distract the large gentlemen, I would sneak Jennifer Aniston away, then we’d all meet up in the secret lair.

The plan worked perfectly. They were so distracted by David and his overwhelming ability to be personable with anyone, that they had no idea that Ms. Aniston had slipped away.

We ran through the concourse of Turchin Stadium. I kept looking back to make sure she was keeping up and then, like ninjas, we walked into a bush that lead to a door. Once I opened the door, the walls inside were covered in ivy.

We had to jump down to the lower levels.

Several stories.

I told her not to worry and that everything would be fine.

Then I jumped.

I landed on my feet without a scratch on me and waited for Jennifer to follow. Fortunately, I didn’t have to wait long. Seconds later, she was back by my side and we entered the maze.

We had to get to the center of the maze to be safe and I was positive that no one else knew how to get there or that it even existed.

That’s why when we turned the final corner, I was surprised to see the goons. Waiting. With guns.

Words cannot describe my terror. 

Like I always do when I’m freaked out, I put my head down, not making eye contact, but spoke to the guys calmly.

Then I pulled out the gun David had given me while we were discussing plans and pointed it at them.

I knew in my heart that I wanted to shoot them. I knew that there was no excuse for their behavior. I really, really wanted to shoot them.

Before I did, I started asking them questions.

“Why are you doing this?”

They looked at each other puzzled, as if they had never thought about it before.

“What do you get out of this?”

Again, the same puzzled look.

By this time my hands weren’t shaking and I wasn’t afraid anymore. I was going to shoot at least one of them I was so angry.

All the while, they have guns pointed at me and Jennifer. It was really two against one because only three of us had guns.

Finally, the cavalry showed up. David showed up with Scott and Chad, all equipped with guns. As a feeling of calmness came over me, I said to the goons, “Put your weapons down. You’re under arrest.”

They dropped their guns, and Chad and Scott put them in handcuffs. David came over to me, put his arm around me and apologized for not believing my story.

“Why would I lie about that?”

“I dunno. Your Joker makeup makes you look like you’re kidding.”


Then I woke up.

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