October 5th. I love it.

Holy October, Batman!

First up this week, “Gone Girl.” I love it. I saw the movie yesterday, and OMGoodness, it was amazing. Based on the reactions from the crowd, I could tell that most people hadn’t read the book I did. Speaking of the book, the movie was not totally like the book, but considering it took me 20 hours to read total, I get that it was hard to get that much information into 2.5 hours.

I love it

Next up, John Cusack movie marathon. I love it. My plan was to watch all of the movies today, but I couldn’t wait so last night I started with “The Raven” (one of my faves), and “Say Anything.” Love them both. Then when I woke up this morning, I started with “Better Off Dead” (awesome), “Serendipity” (amazing), and “Must Love Dogs” (oh, I do). I can’t stop smiling while I watch these movies.

I love it.

Finally, getting in the Halloween spirit. I love it. This year, in my own self interest, I’ve decided to show my holiday spirit which is normally something I don’t do (for reasons that aren’t that important). I made Halloween cookies, bought a sign for my door (witches feet that says “Happy Halloween), and even bought a costume (not that I’ll wear it because I have a football game that night). It feels good to celebrate things I love!

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.

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