Men. Jeez.

Here is a real life conversation I had today with a guy on the phone as Tony and I were trying to figure out how to fix our scorer’s table before the next volleyball game:

Me: Okay, what do I need to do first?
Guy: Let’s wait for Tony. You need to stand in front of the [scorer’s] table and tell him where the glitch is.
Me: Tony is the one doing that.
Guy: Oh. Do you want to switch with Tony?
Me: No. We’re good. 
Guy: Okay. Uh, then let me know if I’m talking too fast. If you need to switch with Tony, go ahead.

This kind of thing happens to me all the time.

Several times, when I have been the facility manager for an event, the people at the event will ask who is in charge and when I tell them that I am, there is usually a look of confusion before someone says, “Good for you.” 

I hate that.

If I am in one of my facilities with my assistants and a contractor or a vendor need a question answered, they will always pose the question to my assistant because he is a guy. And then, there is another look of confusion when I butt in and tell them what they need to know.

And it drives me crazy.

I really don’t get it. Haven’t we evolved enough as human beings to understand that there are so few limitations in the differences between what a man can do compared to a woman? Get with it, people! It’s 2014. I chose this line of work because I hate dressing up, sitting behind a desk, and trying to convince people to buy things from me. I want to be out there getting my hands dirty (and often times all of my clothes as well).

And yes, it is “good for me” because I’m only 24 years old, working in the field that I studied in college, and have a really cool job.

And it’s a job that I am damn good at.

Let me know if I’m talking too fast.

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