December 14th. I love it.


So much love, I can hardly stand it!

First up this week, the Pelicans game. I love it. On Tuesday, because we don’t see enough sports, I went to the Pelicans game with Kimberly, JP, and Rachel. I had a lot of fun especially because they won, but Rachel and Kimberly were very upset that there was no “Bongo Cam.” That’s really the only thing they wanted to do.

I love it.

Next up, Brian making me dinner. I love it. This week, Brian made me dinner not just once, but twice! Chicken tacos on Wednesday and meatball subs on Thursday. So good! We spent Sunday cooking together all day getting ready for the work potluck and homemade pizza is on the menu for tomorrow. Yum!

I love it.

Finally, Christmas weekend! I love it. Since we will be busy this coming week and I leave on Saturday, Brian and I +packed this weekend full of fun Christmas activities. On Friday, we went downtown and watched “Elf” on the Spanish Plaza with the Mississippi River in the background. Totally cool. Saturday started early with the Reindeer Run (also downtown), followed by Christmas movies, and capped off with a trip to Rivertown Theater in Kenner to see “A Christmas Carol: The Musical.” So awesome. Today started a little late because of sleeping in purposes, but after making a cake, grilled cheese, and coffee, Brian and I made “gingerbread” houses (the quotes are because we used graham crackers) while watching “White Christmas”. The house making turned into a contest (won by Brian thanks to my Instagram followers). We even had time to go see Christmas lights at Lafreniere Park. Holy, packed weekend Batman! 

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.

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