February 1st. I love it.

Due to technical difficulties, I have to write this week’s entry on my phone, so please ignore any mistakes.

First up this week, having friends over. I love it. This week I invited Jose and Diana over for pizza and board games. It was so fun! We played Uno, ate pizza, and Diana brought this really good brownie banana thing. So good! Lupita also played Uno and she was very excited to see that my cards have Big Bang Theory characters on them.

I love it.

Next up, The Theory of Everything. I love it. Wow. Just wow. I absolutely loved this movie. Eddie Redmayne did an amazing job playing Stephen Hawking and I actually learned a lot about him because he doesn’t really talk about himself in any of his books. Now, in order of my most favorite to least favorite on the best picture category for the Oscars, Theory of Everything comes in at number one, Imitation Game is number 2, Boyhood and American Sniper come in at 3rd and 4th respectively. 4 more to see.

I love it.

Finally, cooking. I love it. Brian and I have been on a cooking spree the past two days. Yesterday we made chicken Parmesan, m&m cookies, and fresh salsa. Today we made tortilla chips which became nachos for the Super Bowl. We had plans to eat other things but we are way too full to even think about that right now. Maybe we’ll just make ice cream sandwiches later while we watch The Blacklist.

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.

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