April 26th. I love it.

We’re talking about love people.

First up this week, Monkey Kingdom. I love it. Thanks to our lovely friends at Disney, we can contribute to the earth just by watching a movie! Every year for Earth Day they release a Disneynature film, and this yeah is was about a monkey kingdom. The story was so interesting and it was great being narrated by Tina Fey. Next year? It’s about pandas!

I love it.

Next up, City Greens. I love it. Brian and I went there yesterday for lunch at it wasn’t what I expected at all (in a good way). It’s like Chipotle but with salads and wraps. Can you say delicious? My Taco Truck Wrap was amazing and Brian’s BBQ chicken wrap was pretty good too (but I liked mine better).

I love it.

Finally, my new friend, Reece. I love it. Reece is a pretty cool dog that I’m looking to adopt to help with some of my issues (although there are plenty more). She is super relaxed, quiet, and obedient. I think she knows she won’t be allowed on the bed, but we’re still working on the couch. I hope she likes me and stays forever!

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.

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