May 3rd. I love it.

You thought I forgot to write this, didn’t you?

First up this week, Jazz Fest. I love it. Or at least parts of it. The music was great, even from the guys I didn’t know. Ed Sheeran was spectacular and played the entire show as a one man band. Totally cool. We also had some amazing food- po boys, lemonade, and sno-balls. The part I didn’t love was the massive amount of people that kept getting Ito my bubble. If you know me, then you know the bubble is a serious thing.

I love it.

Next up, swimming. I love it. Can you believe I live in a place as hot as Louisiana and I haven’t gone swimming since last Memorial Day? Believe it. That changed yesterday when we got home from Jazz Fest. I was burned from the sun and hot so I slowly made my way into the pool. I’m very proud of Reece who didn’t try to jump in with me. She sat and watched. She’s such a good dog.

I love it.

Finally, Disney on Ice. Brian and I get made fun of for doing childish things, but I personally love it. We are adults and we get to decide what that means. If we want to see Frozen on Ice, we see it. And it was awesome. Rapunzel and Flynn Rider were there too! And Buzz, Woody, Minnie, Mickey, and a bunch of other princesses and their princes!

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.

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