And the news is good today!

Sunday was just like any other Sunday. I spent the day hanging out with Brian, talked to my mom on the phone, and walked down the street to get a sno-ball (because it was sno-ball Sunday, of course). On our way back to the apartment, I got a phone call from my brother. I’d been talking to him sporadically all day because he was heading home to Ohio to surprise my dad. Monday night was going to be his last game with the Lake County Captains and he wanted to be there. And I wanted to be there too, but it didn’t seem possible because I was planning on going home this Saturday, anyway.

My dad is kind of a big deal in our community, so of course everyone was going to give him a great send off. Once we found out more of the details of how they were going to “honor” my dad, I knew I had to get home for it. With a lot of coordination, perfect flight times from Southwest, and a bunch of help from my brother, I made it to Ohio in time to surprise my dad at lunch.

I was so glad I made it back for the celebration. Not only did the recognize my dad for the awesome individual he is, but the front office signed a beautiful picture of the ballpark, the team signed a bat, and they’re even naming the broadcast booth after him.

What I loved most about the day was seeing how emotional people were getting and how much love were sending his way for his new journey (he’s going to open a restaurant). The support is amazing and it seems like he’ll get a lot of visitors from his fans.



Photos courtesy of Tim Phillis (@TCPPhotoCLE)

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