When in doubt, organize.

How do I keep myself organized at work?

It’s simple really. Even though I am managing a ton of different projects and people all at once, using several lists and documents makes it all so easy.

First of all, I have my weekly list. I have a notepad that I keep on my clipboard where I list all of my tasks every week. As the week progresses, or if I feel overwhelmed with all of the things on it, I use highlighters to organize tasks by days so I can focus on what I need to focus on. This is important for people like me with OCD (yes, I really have it – I’m not using it as an expression) who can’t overcome the feeling of wanting to check things off of a list.

In accordance with my weekly list, I also have what I call my “wait list.” These are things that were previously on my weekly checklist that I have started working on but am stuck because the ball is now in someone else’s court. That is to say, if I needed to coordinate a date that a contractor will be installing door signage and I emailed them or called them and I’m waiting on a response, that would transfer to the wait list. I’ve worked on it, but now I have to wait.

Not only do I have notebooks, but I also have an intricate series of folders on my email. With separate folders for every sport, schedules, ITs, receipts, invoices, estimates, the cleaning crew, work tickets, and personal stuff, it’s easy to find documents that I need. Those documents are also saved on my computer in an equally intricate series of folders.

What if I’ve collected documents that I need to keep? I have folders for that, too. On my desk, I have folders for signing equipment out and contractor sign in sheets and even a folder of “Need to work on” for things I can do when I have nothing else major to do. It’s full of things like the access lists of all of my buildings that I need to update with maps of how the logo on the baseball field should be painted for next season.

Binders lining my desk are full of facility contracts, key check out sheets for the entire department, camp information, and staging guides for our major events like the Golf Classic and our baseball games against LSU. With pictures, notes, and emails from those things, I know exactly what I need and don’t need for next year.

I’m sure a lot of people have their own way of organizing. Let me know your tips and tricks and maybe I’ll include them on a follow up blog!

My weekly list and my wait list.
My weekly list and my wait list.

One thought on “When in doubt, organize.

  1. I am SUPER organized at work, everything has a specific place, I am big on charts, graphs, & color coding!! I have a binder. The front is labled Kristian’s helpful information. Inside I use colored tabs to seperate each catagory. One for clients, one for instructions, one for our database, etc… I also keep a large planner on my desk, paper clip the week I’m on, & each day has my tasks of things to do, color coded in order of importance. High importance items are highlitghted pink, then orange, & so on. I try to list them in order of importance, but some tasks come up as the day goes on. I also keep a list of tasks I completed each day, this way when it’s time for my review I can show my boss that often times I went above & beyond my line of work. I also have folders within folders on my computer, everythig is organized my program, & then by catagory so I can easily find documents. I know you are also very organized, but I hope some of my ideas help! 🙂

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