October 25th. I love it.

You know what? I had a great week.

First up this week, October Kiss. I love it. I loved Parenthood so I obviously had to see October Kiss because Sam Jaeger is my favorite. It’s your typical Hallmark movie, but absolutely adorable. It definitely got me in the Halloween mood!

I love it.

Next up, carving pumpkins. I love it. Last year I didn’t do anything for Halloween, but the year Brian bought a huge pumpkin! Today I scooped all of the inards out and Brian carved the face that I drew. It looks pretty spooky! Next year, we’re going to have a competition!

I love it.

Finally, our new pal Arthur. Last Subday, we stopped by Pet Fest and came home with a super chill, little Yorkie names Arthur. Like King Arthur. Or Arthur Conan Doyle. Or Arthur Read. He fits right in with the family and Yogi even likes him!

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great. 

I love it.


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