November 15th. I love it.

Another week. Another batch of love.

First up this week, Chutes and Ladders. I love it. Brian wasn’t feeling very well this week, so I bought him Chutes and Ladders… and beat him at it best of three. I forgot how cut throat games like that can be!

I love it.

Next up, the dog park. I love it. Today was our first trip to the dog park with Arthur and overall, he did a good job. He sniffed the other dogs and people, but as usual wasn’t interested in playing with them. Hopefully the more we socialize him, the better he’ll do.

I love it.

Finally, The Addams Family Musical. I love it. This months show at Rivertown was the Addams Family and overall I liked it. I wasn’t a huge fan of the storyline but all of the performers were excellent as usual! 

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great. 

I love it. 


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