December 6th. I love it.

Hooray for love!

First up this week, “Newsies.” I love it! Brian bought tickets to one of my favorite musicals for our anniversary last month and Friday was the day of the show. I was so excited and the show didn’t disappoint. They changed up the storyline a little bit from the movie, but everyone in the play was so talented and it was funny and sad and wonderful all at once! I’m so glad Brian likes to go to the theater too!

I love it.

Next up, Christmas movies. I love it. This week I took the liberty of recording a bunch of things on TV to watch later and I marked a lot of stuff  on Netflix. So far I’ve seen a lot of my favorites (most of the classics), Pete’s Christmas, Pooh’s Christmas, and The Grinch. Next on my list? “Christmas Vacation.” It’s my favorite.

I love it.

Finally, lazy Saturdays. I love it. I had off yesterday so I was bound and determined not to leave the house. I did that very successfully. I did get my workout in (in the superhero room), showered and got right back into pajamas. Throw in some college football, a nap, and movies? Perfect day if you ask me.

I love it. It’s great. Everything’s great.

I love it.

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