I’m a cat lady now.

By now, I’m sure you’ve seen the pictures of the newest addition to our clan and I’m sure you’re wondering how it all came to be. Here’s the backstory to how we came to love our little Maisy Lou.

Brian and I are both from places other than New Orleans and in the interest of seeing our families while the university was closed for the holidays, we both went our separate ways.

But where does that leave Yogi (our cat)?

Luckily for us, the vet’s office that we adopted him from does boarding and they were more than happy to see how Yogi had grown. After a little bit of drama (nothing Brian can’t handle), Yogi stayed in New Orleans for Christmas.

I got home (to my NOLA home, not home-home) late on Tuesday was was very excited to see my little kitty on Wednesday when I picked him up. I was afraid he would hate me for leaving him behind, or worse, not want to come home!

While I waited for them to bring Yogi out, one of the vet techs came out and asked me, “Do you want another cat?”

I said, “Why?” I was very skeptical at this point.

“Yogi’s sister got returned.”

My heart dropped. I knew that Yogi had a sister, and I knew that she got adopted and was so sad to hear that she was returned. They told me she was super sweet and mellow and she got along great with Yogi.

“I have to talk to my boyfriend before I decide to bring another cat home. But can I see her?”

That was a mistake because the second I saw her I knew she was coming home with me. I texted Brian and asked for his input and was so glad that he agreed to take her.

The office outfitted me with another crate to get both the cats home, a fancy cat toilet roll holder, toys for the siblings, and cat socks for me.

We named her Maisy Lou (her name was Summer before) and she’s fitting in perfectly with us!

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