2015 – A year in books.

I just realized that I never shared the books that I read in 2015! It was hard to beat 52 books (which I read in 2014), but I still think 20 is pretty good. I didn’t have a theme this year. I just wanted to read. If you have suggestions for 2016, comment below!

Here’s the list!

  1. Look Me In the Eyes – a story about autism
  2. Something Borrowed – a tale a friendship and unfriendship
  3. The Borrowers – 5th grade throwback
  4. Twilight – So good!
  5. Geektastic – this had me written all over it
  6. Landline – another fantastic book by Rainbow Rowell
  7. New Moon – again, so good!
  8. Hoot – save the owls!
  9. Courage for Beginners – a touching story about a girl learning to do things on her own
  10. Something Blue – the follow up story to Something Borrowed – loved it more than the first book
  11. Running with Scissors – the crazy life of Augusten Burroughs
  12. Killing Lincoln – truth in history
  13. Operation Pucker Up – Miss Alpine’s second book!
  14. The Scorch Trials – not as good as Maze Runner
  15. Stories I Only Tell My Friends – Rob Lowe has quite the interesting life
  16. The Orchard – Anne Frasier’s autobiography (she’s my favorite author)
  17. Not My Father’s Son – Alan Cumming had to overcome so much
  18. The Kite Runner – this was my favorite book this year
  19. Anastasia: the Last Grand Duchess – I’d like to thank Mrs. PB for getting me interested in the Russian Royal Family
  20. Tuesdays with Morrie – Do not read this book on an airplane

One thought on “2015 – A year in books.

  1. I LOVED the Twilight series, Something Borrowed & Something Blue, and Tuesdays with Morrie! Excellent choices. Do you like Nicholas Sparks? If so, and you have not ready it ,I recommend True Believer!

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