Day 10: My Comfort Object

A lot of people with Autism (or without) have certain objects that make them feel comfortable in times of stress or uncertainty. I have had my comfort object since 8th grade and I still take it everywhere with me (within reason).

In 8th grade, I got a Spider-Man fleece blanket for Christmas. I loved it and I used it constantly. Probably a year or so after getting this blanket, I asked my mom to modify it. I wanted one side of it to be satin and the other side to be fleece. Kind of like a baby blanket.

Well, my mom is a dream maker so we actually did exactly what I wanted. I can use the fleece side for when I’m cold and the satin side when my skin feels like it’s crawling during a panic attack. I keep it under my pillow at night in case I need it and everyone knows that if I start to freak out, they need to get Spidey (that’s what we call my blanket).

It may be childish, but it has stopped many a panic attacks.

Thanks, Spidey!

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