Day 12: A Blast from the Past

Today’s challenge is to repost the first blog post I’ve ever written. I remember it clearly because it’s the whole reason I wanted to start a blog in the first place. It’s about an incredible dream I had. I still have very detailed dreams and I wish I was more patient and wrote about them.

A Little Encouragement Goes a Long WayOriginally posted on Tumblr on April 27th, 2010

Last night was an adventure. Not an overly amazing adventure, but it was interesting none the less. And it happened while I was sleeping.

I had a dream last night that I was in my room (the one at home, not at school) and Brittany and I were packing for a trip we were taking (I think. I’m not too clear on the details). Suddenly, my phone rang. When I answered it, it was my grandpa saying “Hi Carolyn. It’s Pa.”

Right away I could feel my chest tightening up and my eyes starting to water. I couldn’t believe it. My grandpa died when I was in seven. I’m twenty now. Brittany asked who I was talking to. I couldn’t get any sort of understandable phrase out of my mouth and all I said was “Pa.”

He didn’t bother telling me how he was talking to me on the phone. He just kept saying how proud he was of me and how he’s pleased to see me be so successful in what I’ve done in my life so far. He also told me that I shouldn’t worry about where I’ll be in the future, because I’ll be fine. I thought it was funny when he asked me to cut my grandmother a little slack because she doesn’t mean to act like she doesn’t care about me or my accomplishments. The thing that got me the most was when, right before he hung up, he told me how honored he is to be my grandfather.

In my dream, I started crying. I couldn’t hold it back anymore. When I was little I had a really good relationship with my grandpa and to be able to “talk” to him again was amazing.

When I woke up, my chest was still tight and I was upset because I wish I could have talked to him longer.

This has made me realize that I need to worry less about what is to come and worry more about what I’m doing now. I can be free to take chances and test my limits with the promise that in the end I’ll be alright.

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